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Shape your vision.
Bring it to life.

Mosaic Governance Advisors is a boutique North American consulting firm committed to helping organizations capture their most important strategic opportunities and bring their visions to life. At Mosaic, we partner with our clients and join them on their journeys, working together to discover, shape, and build consensus around an organization's vision. As an independent, trusted consulting firm with deep roots in the institutional investment community, we understand your quest to achieve excellence in all you do. That’s our goal, too.


We provide an array of services to the boards and executives of public pensions and private trusts, corporations, and other institutions. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, working collaboratively with them to develop customized solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and opportunities. Drawing on our first-hand experience and extensive research, we can help you create organizational value. With our eyes on your success, we are a high-impact, proactive partner.


What We Do


Organizational excellence comes from a mosaic of ideas, input, and diverse thinking. Mosaic’s services are guided by the skills we’ve honed for gathering perspectives and sentiment that matters, understanding your circumstances, clarifying your organization’s vision, and providing practical, pragmatic advice to guide your organization to the next level. Our insights are informed by original research, your lived and aspirational values, and our breadth and depth of experience working with an array of peers in the institutional investment space.  


Whether you are looking for a long-term, dynamic partner or need assistance on a short-term project, we tailor our services to help you shape your vision and bring it to life, creating value each step of the way.


People are the drivers of good governance. Our work enables boards and executives to be more effective together. We help them strengthen their governance responsibilities and optimize value for those they serve. Our board services capabilities include governance structure and policy evaluations, performance management, current/future state assessments, education, and coaching.



When organizations choose their priorities wisely, their efforts positively impact overall performance. Our knowledge of and expertise in working with the institutional investment community makes us uniquely positioned to deliver strategic advice.  Visioning, strategic planning, stakeholder research, risk assessment, sustainable innovation, and succession planning are among our capabilities.



Strategically aligned organizations have a better chance of success in today's rapidly business changing environment. We help institutions lead change through effective organizational alignment processes. We assist in establishing critical connections that link the day-to-day with future vision. Our core capabilities include strategic positioning and messaging, alignment process design, stakeholder relations strategy.


Our Team


At Mosaic, we are driven to help our clients achieve their full potential. Our dedicated team has extensive experience consulting in the institutional investment community, both in the U.S. and internationally. We are known not only for our knowledge and expertise, but for our customized, practical approach and the care we take with each client. We empower clients like you to ask the difficult questions that lead to break-throughs, build consensus, and create positive momentum to support a clear path forward.

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